About us

The creator of the camp is a mother & daughter. Sophie & Sara. Sara is a highly creative person who loves to spend most of her time craft working. She wished to share this passion with her friend and many other kids around. Sara is half Finnish, half Hungarian.

Sophie is an economist, event organizer, chef & startup incubator in the field of nutrition. She is founding ArtCamp Foundation to support children education in the field of Art activities.

Our future is in the hand of our children. With the fast changes we live now, with the transformation towards a digital society, online schooling system the missing puzzle is to develop soft skills & emotional intelligence. EQ can only grow by social interaction and activities which triggers our right brain. Collaboration withing small community, creativity, art, nature are the key to grow balanced, self-confident, humble children. These are the skills and activities we focus on during our camp week.

All our instructors speak fluent English
Our instructors are art students or teachers
6 campers have 1 counselor, she will take care of her children as her own ones during the whole week, from wake up till bedtime

JULIA – From Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Julia is doing her MA at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, on painting. She regularly moderates art & climbing events for kids, age 7-12.

“I love to show kids how they can work freely with different art techniques, explore themselves and the world around them.”


CHRISTA – Curator of ArtCamp Foundation

Christa has graduated on ELTE as a literature & aesthetics teacher. She worked in the world of media & marketing to find her way back to teaching. Today she is a yoga teacher and expresses her love to grow children’s mind & soul by taking the position of the curator of our Foundation.

I’m a mother of a twelve years old boy I know how important it is to find a perfect free time activity for our kids. It is important to understand their personalities and adapt their daily activities to enhance their body-soul and mind at the same time. In the ArtCamp I’m taking care of the morning yoga session and a group of 6 kids (aged 6-9) during the whole week. I’m always happy when I can be surrounded by children, see the shine in their eyes and watch them grow.” 


LILLA – Founder of L’Azur Art Studio

Lilla has graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a teacher of fine arts (MA). She is working as an art teacher since 6 years.

“In my work, community and traditional values have a great importance. With my own art school I wanted to create a space that is fun, friendly, calm and accepting, where children can learn, try out different techniques and materials so we can create beautiful pieces of art together.”


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