We are looking for Art University last years or already graduated student to be one of our instructor in ArtCamp Hungary.

– When: 12-18th July

– Where: Tihany, Hungary

What is the job:

– You will manage 6 children (age 8-12) during the entire camp.

– You have to manage one of our morning workshop from Mon to Fri with 6 kids. (soap cooking, candle making, board game making, bird house building or recycled products creation)

– You have to manage one of our afternoon workshop from Mon to Fri with 12 kids, where the kids can learn & explore different techniques like: oil painting, akvarel painting, crayon, collage…

What do we expect from you:

– Passion to teach children

– Fluent English as we run the entire camp in English

What type of personality we are looking for

– Nice, open minded, calm, problem solver

What do we offer:

– accomodation

– 5 times meals/day

– great salary

– if you like us and we like you we can work together the whole summer next year.

How to apply:

Pls send your CV and a few sentence why do you like working with kids to here:

Date: 12th-18th July, 2020, Sunday to Saturday

Place: MKE Művésztelep, Tihany-Hungary, Major u. 63, 8237

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