As the parent or legal guardian of the child/children attending the camp (hereinafter referred to as: Parent), I hereby declare that my Child can attend – during the given time period and under the conditions stated below – the ArtCamp Hungary (located at Tihany MKE-Művésztelep and outside locations). I understand that my Child can attend the camp only with my explicit permission and under the conditions stated below.

The Organizers of the Camp declare that they will act to the best of their knowledge to ensure the quality of the education and activities provided to the Child. By signing this Disclaimer, the Organizers of the Camp also declare that in the given period they will provide the participants of the Camp five meals a day, as well as tap water & tea. The Organizers of the Camp declare that the Child may not leave the Camp in the absence of the Parents or without the explicit request or permission of the Parent. The Child may only be picked up from the Camp by the Parent or legal guardian, or any third person authorized by them. The Organizers of the Camp are only responsible as far as the obligations stated in the Camp Policy are concerned; in any other cases the responsibility relies solely on the Parent. Under the Civil Code of the Hungarian State, the Parent is liable for any possible damages to the Camp’s equipment or premises caused by the Child.

The Parent declares that he or she has listed all known illnesses, intolerances & allergies  of the Child in the Camp’s official sign-up form. The organizers of the Camp are not liable for any injuries caused by illnesses not stated in the sign-up form. By signing this Disclaimer, the Parent understands and declares that the Child will participate in sports and other activities at one’s own risk. The Organizers of the Camp are not liable for injuries resulting from these activities. If the Child is not a Hungarian citizen and therefore the Child is not entitled to Hungarian social security (TAJ) benefits, the Child must have a valid EU health insurance card, or travel and accident insurance for the entire duration of his or her stay at the Camp. If the child arrives to the camp with neither a valid TAJ card, nor a valid EU health insurance card, nor a certificate of travel insurance taken out for the entire duration of the camp, then the Organizers of the camp may refuse the child entry to the camp without a refund. In the event that the Child requires medical care during the camp, any costs that arise as the result of such care, that are not covered by the Child’s insurance, must be paid by the Parents. In case the Camp covers any such cost on the spot, the Parents must reimburse these costs by the end of the Child’s stay.

Cancellations: we accept cancellation only due to illness which needs to be proven by doctor’s attestation. In this case the Camp Organizers will try their best to find someone from the waiting list to take over the place in question. If another Child (a newly signed up camper or someone from our waiting list) is able to take the place of the Child at the camp, then only the 5% service fee is charged, the remainder of the standard camp fees is fully refunded. If the cancelled camp is a premium camp, then then ‘extra fee’ of the premium class (e.g. the extra cost of Windsurfing, Horseback riding etc.) is only refunded if the newly signed up camper chooses the same class; otherwise this cost is not refunded. In order to have the best chance of a full refund, it is best to notify the Organizers as early as possible about a potential cancellation. It’s never a good idea to join the camp while being ill – should this be the case, please get in touch with our team as early as possible so that we can find the best solution for you.

In the case of illness or any other purpose which results that your child leaves the camp we do not provide fund. We highly recommend to have a special insurance for that matter.

Any photos or videos taken at the Camp are the property of the Camp. The Camp maintains all the rights. The parents accept that photos may be taken at programs or activities where the child participates.

The Camp Registration Form,  as filled out by a parent or other legal representative of the Child electronically or on paper, is part of the Parental Disclaimer. Parents are responsible of the validity of the information provided about the Child on the Form.

The Camp Policy is part of the General Terms and Conditions. The Parent verifies with his or her signature that he or she and the Child have read and understood the Camp Policy. The Camp Policy can be found on webpage of the Camp and is directly available to any parent on request.

The camp fees may be paid via bank transfer, registration becomes valid and final after paying the camp fee.

Valid from: May 15th, 2020.

Date: 12th-18th July, 2020, Sunday to Saturday

Place: MKE Művésztelep, Tihany-Hungary, Major u. 63, 8237

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